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Itinerary Summary:
Day 1 - Arrive in El Salvador and Welcome.
Day 2 - Drive to the biosphere park located about six hours from San Salvador. (Overnight at local hotel and free night).
Day 3 - Walk in the park of the biosphere to observe birds, mammals, flora and fauna. (All Day).
Day 4 - Departure to La Ceiba. (Stay in a beach hotel.) (Beach Day).
Day 5 -Back to San Salvador.

1st Day "Arrival in El Salvador and Welcome"
Welcome to El Salvador. Get your tickets, transfer to Hotel (Optional night tour).

2nd Day "Departure to Honduras Biosphere Park":
After breakfast at the hotel, we will travel to the biosphere park located about six hours from San Salvador.
Rio Platano
This is a Biosphere Reserve in 1976 was declared a World Heritage Site. Through the Banana River, which gives its name to the area, you can admire a gallery forest, rich in tree species that some are not even classified by science, also located there vestiges of ancient cultures of central this area, as petro glyphs on rocks, of which origin is unknown. Its wildlife is also abundant, including harpy eagles are found (the largest in the world), tapirs, otters, sloths, monkeys at night, boa constrictors and alligators. The inhabitant is the fish special Cuyamel located only in clear waters, and high flow oxygen.

3rd Day "Hike in Honduras Biosphere Park":

To see birds, mammals, flora and fauna. (All Day).
Banana River area is divided into three regions: North, home to native peoples Miskito, Garifune and chest still retain many traditions; central, which houses the tropical forest, and south, the area affected by degradation and still has forest pines and the steep mountainside. Because the central region is the most attractive for ecotourism and is difficult to access, can only be visited on tours scheduled, most scientists and naturalists groups.

4th Day "Departure to La Ceiba"

After breakfast at hotel departure to La Ceiba Honduras beach. (Day at the beach to relax).
La Ceiba.
La Ceiba, Honduras is one of the most attractive and most importantly in Honduras, as it is a young, dynamic, with a lot of wealth and natural life. The Ceiba gets its name, thanks to a tree called Ceiba with their large, extended height gave shade to the inhabitants.
The city of La Ceiba is the provincial capital of Atlantis, one of the 18 departments of Honduras and has a lot of Garifune communities.

5th Day-"Back to San Salvador."

After breakfast at hotel, output to San Salvador 7:00 am (options on the road visiting Copan or the people of grace.)
End of our service

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