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Visit Quirigua Guatemala

Publicado por Mac Bernal en El Salvador · 9/4/2018 20:04:04

Quirigua Archaeological Park

The Mayan archaeological park of Quirigua is located in Guatemala's Izabal department, only a few kilometers from the main highway from Guatemala City to Puerto Barrios. Quirigua is situated in the valley of the Motagua River, between the slopes of the Sierra de las Minas and the rugged Montaña Espiritu Santo, and surrounded by a sea of banana plantations.

History of Quirigua
The beginnings of the city of Quirigua are hazy and very little is know about the time before the Pre-Classic Period. It is generally accepted that the site was occupied by AD 200 and construction on the acropolis began around 550. Due to Quirigua's strategic location in the valley of the Motagua River, some historians believe that the area may have been settled as early as 1500 BC.

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